Retail Store Cleaning: Fall Checklist

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In the retail world, the time just before the fall season is a quick ascent into perhaps the most exciting retail season of the year. Retail stores and locations change and adapt quickly to adjust to the rapid increase in foot traffic and the general buzz that holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve create. This means cleaning becomes super important, and if you’re not prepared, it may be overwhelming!

If you own and operate a retail business, or you’re a retail store manager, then you’re probably already aware of this. Better yet, if you have a strong cleaning schedule and routine in place, added with the same energizing Autumn buzz your customers arrive with, then you’re set. If not, there’s no need to worry – we’ve got you! Here’s how to get your retail store cleaning program ready for the fall with this checklist:

First, Create a Checklist

If you don’t have a cleaning checklist, then the first thing on it should be to create a checklist. Rather, to create a few of them. The supplies, cleaning methods, and tasks needed to maintain a high standard of cleanliness throughout your retail store are different in each area. For example, cleaning your store’s checkout area will be much different than cleaning your bathrooms (we hope). What we’re suggesting is having a checklist for each area or room.

Create One for Your Supplies, Too

We also suggest creating a checklist for cleaning supplies and inventory, too. Using the same example again, the supplies needed to effectively clean your store’s checkout area will be much different than for your bathrooms. Again, we hope

Categorize Your Cleaning Checklist

Part of categorizing your cleaning checklist has already been discussed, as in creating a separate checklist of tasks for each different area and/or room in your store. One other way you should categorize your cleaning checklist is by listing all tasks within each checklist based on the frequency in which they should be completed. We recommend, to start, creating daily, weekly, monthly, and annual categories for all cleaning tasks in each area and/or room.

Tailor Each Category’s Tasks

Tailoring the tasks in each of your checklists to be specific to the needs and frequencies of that area or room of your retail store is critical. Be specific. It’s not just “vacuum daily”. It should be, for example, “move and vacuum under every rack.” Right?

Beautiful, Inside & Out

One thing to remember (and take seriously) is that your fall cleaning checklist shouldn’t only focus on the retail spaces that customers have access to. You should (for SO many reasons) apply the same attention and effort to other areas, too, including bathrooms, breakrooms, storage areas, offices, stairways, and other backhouse areas. Keeping a clean and sanitary environment for your staff will increase their satisfaction and productivity, which is good for your customers and for your business, overall.


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