Preparing Your Fitness Center for Members to Return

By Cappstone Inc. |
Fitness Center and Gym Cleaning and Janitorial

Fitness centers are a challenging business when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of your members under the best of circumstances. In addition to being general hazards that gym-goers take responsibility for under your roof – such as intense physical exertion, and using specialized equipment that could cause injury without proper care – there’s also other health concerns such as bodily fluids like sweat, and sharing exercise tools that make contact with the skin. With the addition of the novel coronavirus, it’s more essential than ever to take proper measures to keep everyone safe and protected. Plus, it’s important to provide a facility that inspires confidence amongst your members, so they’ll want to keep coming back without reservations. For that reason, here is some helpful information on preparing your fitness center for members to return.

Preparing Your Fitness Center: Empower members to help themselves
It’s always a good idea to make sanitizing equipment made available for your members, but it’s even more important in light of the pandemic. By making rags, sprays, hand sanitizers, and even masks available for purchase, you set the standard for what type of community effort you expect within your space. Plus, the more members who participate and help by sanitizing their equipment before and after use, the more other members will feel encouraged to do the same. It’s also a good idea to post a sign emphasizing the importance of these practices, since it’s just not possible for you to take responsibility for sanitizing every single piece of equipment between every individual use.

Preparing Your Fitness Center: Take advantage of advanced cleaning technologies
Technology isn’t always your first thought when it comes to common cleaning tasks, but with the pandemic, ‘common cleaning’ is more common and more important than ever. There are actually many new methodologies and tools available that demonstrate your commitment to providing a clean gym for your members. For example, electrostatic spraying is a technology enabled cleaning process that can be strategically implemented to maximize efficacy and boost confidence in the results of your efforts. With this method, cleaning solutions are distributed in the form of a mist to powerfully and thoroughly clean large spaces and ensure they’re comprehensively sanitized. Electrostatic spraying leverages the nature of electric charges to ensure full coverage of all surfaces present in a room – no matter how small, and no matter which way they’re facing or where the spray is coming from. To do this, the solution is atomized with an electrode within the sprayer giving it a positive charge – those particles then aggressively stick to surfaces. This means that even if an object is sprayed unevenly, it will still result in even coverage, giving you and your gym members the confidence your space is fully sanitized and safe for them to enjoy.

Preparing Your Fitness Center: Trust the experts
At the end of the day, you and your employees are experts on fitness and health – not cleaning. We want you to be able to focus on your professional passions, so we’re here to help with the cleaning aspect. A gym is a challenging space to clean, but not with the experience and equipment and professionals to get it done thoroughly and correctly. By trusting your facility to a team of industry experts who know exactly how to get your space safely sanitized, you can keep your attention where it belongs – on providing the best gym experience for your fellow fitness enthusiasts, while still enjoying the confidence that your space is safe for everyone.

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