Parklet Cleaning: 3 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Dining in Tip Top Shape

By Cappstone Inc. |
Parklet Cleaning For Outdoor Dining

Before 2020, parklets were an emerging method of seating for outdoor dining all around the country. Of course, this year, parklets took on a whole new level of importance. With indoor dining either completely forbidden, or allowed at limited capacities to comply with social distancing policies, parklets (and parklet cleaning) became a lifeline for countless restaurant and food service establishments everywhere.

Part of a parklet’s usefulness during these trying times requires that parklets are kept up to municipal code when it comes to sanitation. If you leaned into the use of your parklet areas this year, it’s no doubt you have run into the issues of keeping your parklet furniture and equipment clean and in good shape from all of the wear and tear. Here are three ways to keep your parklets clean and in good shape:

Parklet Cleaning: Cover Your Furniture Overnight

Investing in quality weatherproof furniture covers will serve many purposes. First, your parklet’s dining furniture will be protected from any and all weather conditions overnight. Second, it will prevent anyone passing by, after business hours, from using and contaminating the area after you clean, disinfect, and secure your parklet for the evening. Third, it will increase the longevity of your parklet assets and make cleaning the adjacent parklet areas easier and quicker.

Parklet Cleaning: For That Matter, Think About Commercial Dining Tents 

The increase in demand for outdoor dining, even as temperatures cool around the nation as we head into winter, has created a market for commercial outdoor dining tents. Though some critics claim that commercial dining tents are simply a loophole in COVID-19 policies, they have served to effectively isolate smaller groups of outdoor diners.

The benefit? Like furniture covers, they do well in closing and securing parklet areas from outdoor conditions and unwanted visitors. Whether one large tent for your entire parklet area, or smaller tents arranged to fit different groups of diners throughout your parklet, commercial dining tents are great for protecting your parklet equipment and space from outside contaminants after use and disinfecting.

Parklet Cleaning: Start With The Finish

A long standing trend in outdoor dining furniture and accessories is the prevalence of wood. Wooden benches, tables, chairs, and more seem to line every modern, trendy parklet. If that’s the case, then applying the right protective finish to your parklet equipment is critical. Any decent finish will not only block out damaging elements and contaminants, but will increase the longevity of your parklet’s equipment by preventing the absorption of moisture and UV rays. It will also create a protective layer to serve as a buffer for all of the disinfecting that you will undoubtedly need to do.

For non-wooden surfaces, do not neglect getting and using the appropriate topical sprays and cleaning fluids. Metal-based parklet furniture and accessories require cyclical maintenance to prevent rust and other deterioration.


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