Paper Products: Top 3 Things to Consider With Supply Order Shortages

By Cappstone Inc. |
Paper Products

Paper products and resources that are all-things timber have been at the forefront of the global supply chain shortage. The shortage, which was most recently exemplified by the international media’s coverage of the record 100+ cargo ships waiting anchored outside of the port of Los Angeles, unable to come to shore and deliver their cargo. It certainly made for (more bad) pandemic-related news, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The supply chain shortage of timber affects all aspects of life all over the world, but especially in the leading economies in the Western world. Paper products and other supplies derived from timber are a pivotal piece of just about every branch of business, from the operational need for printing paper to the need for paper rolls to print retail receipts. The examples are almost infinite, so here are the top 3 things to consider with the supply chain shortage of paper products:

Identify & Categorize All of Your Paper Needs

Let’s say that you own and manage a logistics company that operates out of a traditional office. Your paper product needs fall right in the average range of consumption amongst similar businesses. Start by reviewing your operating expenses and identifying the frequency, quantity and cost of paper products purchased. To make sure you’re not missing anything, walk through every area and room in your office (including the restrooms) and take inventory of all the different paper products your office has and needs. Around this time of year for example, you may see more boxes of Kleenex. 

The Media’s Role in Paper Product Supply


Modern media plays a huge role in the behavior of some enormous parts of our lives (if not all parts). The coverage and manipulative framing of the pandemic by all major sources of media at the start of the pandemic had memorably created a panic-buying of tissue paper, toilet paper, paper towel, and other similar products. Pay attention to the latest coverage on the paper supply chain when placing your next order!

Budgeting & Costs

Last but certainly not least, your final consideration for the supply chain shortage of paper products is the fluctuating cost, and how this affects your budget and expenses. According to Economics 101, a global supply shortage means the increase in the price of timber and paper products. Being a material so critical to pretty much every business and the humans on both sides of commerce, you’ll have no choice but to purchase paper products at inflated prices. 

The dilemma does give you the opportunity to reevaluate your need and usage of paper products, from normal printing paper to toilet paper, and everything else you can imagine. You can reduce your paper product consumption by going paperless or “green” when and where possible. Not only will you be doing a small part in helping preserve our environment, but may also face less of a strain on your budget.


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