Janitorial Services: The Importance Of Up To Date Insurance

By Cappstone Inc. |
Hands Holding Pen and Insurance Papers

Having quality, up-to-date insurance coverage for your janitorial services company has always been an important part of being in business and finding growth and success. You may think first of insurance that covers whatever products or services that your business offers, but we would like to kindly turn your attention inward. Whether your business is a product-based or service-based entity, there are basic forms of insurance coverage that should be revisited.

The reality is that a lot of businesses have offices or other spaces necessary to operations, and that many such businesses employ janitorial companies to routinely clean these spaces. Even with the most professional and responsible service providers, there is risk of injury or harm in your workplace to the people you’ve contracted to clean it. Perhaps this phenomena has become more important due to COVID-19, where everyone (company staff or third-party service providers) is exposed to the same risk to health in any environment. Whatever it is, concerning your business’s liability of its janitorial service provider, here’s why it’s important to have the necessary, up-to-date insurance coverages in place:

Janitorial Services: General Liability Insurance

This is the most basic kind of insurance that every business should have, and it’s generally a requirement in most states and municipalities in order for a business to operate legally. General Liability Insurance covers potential damage to company property and injury to your employees, and most companies conclude their policies with just that, be it to keep costs down or because they ignore other risks. If you contract any third-party service provider, especially janitorial service providers, make sure your General Liability Insurance includes third-party coverage of property and personal injury!

Janitorial Services: Third Party Liability (Workers’ Compensation Insurance)

The importance of Workers’ Compensation Insurance goes beyond the scope of the employer-employee insurance options (and sometimes requirements). If you’ve hired a janitorial service provider and one of their associates is injured on your premise, there can be some disastrous consequences for your business. Whether or not the injured party is covered by their personal or employer-provided insurance, if your company is found to be responsible for the injury, called “third-party liability”, it can be costly. This is why it’s important to revisit your Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage, and make sure that you add coverage for these worst-case-scenario contingencies.

Janitorial Services: Janitorial Bonding Insurance 

Depending on the nature of your business, the idea of insuring against theft from third-party service providers may or may not be of importance to you. However, as advanced technology becomes an increasingly important part of successful business operations, it may be hard to avoid having relatively inexpensive company property accessible to third-party contractors.

Janitorial Bonding Insurance covers your company specifically in the event of theft from, you guessed it, third-party janitorial service providers. Because new, expensive technology is frequently updated, make sure your policy is up to date!

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