Professional Carpet Cleaning: How Often To Schedule

By Cappstone Inc. |
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The carpets inside your home or office are a key component to the aesthetic of your space, as well as a substantial investment, so longevity and a clean appearance is imperative. Regular vacuuming is a great start, but what goes into deciding how often you should get your carpets professionally cleaned, and how often should you have them serviced?

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Amount of traffic
Different areas of the office can receive different amounts of foot traffic. If the foot traffic in the main entrance of the building is busier with both employees and the general population, you may need to get that carpet professionally cleaned on a more regular basis than the back of house. Surprisingly, some even suggest every month for high-volume spaces. That said, places like conference rooms and offices, which don’t receive nearly as much foot traffic, may be fine getting professionally cleaned once a year.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: The color of your carpet
With a dark carpet color, it can be harder to realize when it needs to be professionally cleaned, because the dirt and stains just blend right in. Although that’s a great reason to stay on top of vacuuming and routine cleaning, it can give you some latitude on your deep cleaning schedule. On the other hand, lighter colored carpets are infamous for showing all the dirt and stains the carpet has taken in over time. Because of this, lighter color carpets will almost always need a more professional cleaning schedule to stay presentable.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Carpet warranty
If your carpet is still under warranty, you will want to go back and check the terms so you don’t void it on accident. Most manufacturers will require a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year, while others may want you to have the carpet professionally cleaned twice per year. It would be best to follow your warranty’s cleaning terms, and also keep the receipts in case a warranty issue should arise.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Vacuuming regularly
Dust and dirt on the surface of your carpet can absolutely be picked up by a vacuum, but you want to make sure you are vacuuming at least once a week to ensure that the dust and dirt don’t settle into the deep fibers of your carpet, which will make a deep cleaning necessary faster. If you’re vacuuming regularly, you’ll need to call professional carpet cleaners about once a year to ensure you are getting all the dirt and dust that has settled in your carpet. If vacuuming is less frequent, you may want to schedule that more often.

With the investment and process that goes into purchasing and installing carpets, it’s important to make sure that they’ll last as long as possible. Vacuuming regularly is a great way to keep the carpets cleaned on the surface, but only professional cleaning can get the dirt and dust that has made its way into the deep fibers. With proper care from both you and the professionals, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful floors year after year.

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