Hotel Cleaning: Guests Will Notice These 5 Things

By Cappstone Inc. |
Hotel and Motel Cleaning Procedures

The days of your hotel guests checking into their hotel room and collapsing into their queen-sized bed before settling in are likely (we hope) over. It’s not so much that your hotel cleaning staff don’t do a good job. It’s that the guests that most recently occupied the hotel room that new guests will now call home for one or more nights probably didn’t think about anyone else when spending the night.

Wrappers disappear under furniture, hair gets left behind, and a dirty ashtray may be a sign that the air in a nonsmoking room is contaminated. The point is that when routine cleaning is done on autopilot, blindspots form and guests, whose attention to detail of sanitary and hygiene standards is at an all time high, will notice what is and isn’t part of your cleaning procedures. Fear not! Make sure that these five things are apart of your cleaning procedures to ensure your hotel guests have a clean and comfortable stay:

Hotel Cleaning: Fan Vent Grills

There are a number of things in every hotel room that aren’t immediately included in the housekeeping checklist. Amongst those are the air conditioning units. Whether single units or a part of the central air ventilation, a dusty or dirty fan vent grill is very noticeable, and will be an obvious sign to your hotel guests that there are one or more cleaning tasks that aren’t a part of your housekeeping staff’s procedures.

Hotel Cleaning: Dusting

Most housekeeping checklists include dusting, but it isn’t unusual for the lower traffic areas to miss out on the dusting party. Certain parts of most hotel rooms miss out on the routine dusting, such as the top shelf in the closet, where most hotel rooms’ extra linens are stored. If one of your guests needs to use the extra linens and the shelf hasn’t been dusted, they’ll know.

Hotel Cleaning: Extra Linens

Speaking of the top shelf in the closet, another obvious sign to your guests that certain cleaning protocols were skirted is often given away by the extra linens. Some hotels opt to leave the extra linens after guests leave if they weren’t used. When this happens five or ten times in a row, the linens get stale and dusty. Don’t let that happen – change them after each guest.

Hotel Cleaning: Black Lights…

Take a black light through each room to find out what you really need to clean, before one of your guests brings one and has a melt down.

Hotel Cleaning: Seals for Peace of Mind

Proud of the job your housekeeping staff is doing between guests? Have them place seals on each door so that each next guest or guests has a chance to break the seal for their stay. It will give your guests peace of mind, which is a great way to begin their stay.