Hotel Cleaning: 3 Ways to Improve the Cleanliness of Your Facility

By Cappstone Inc. |
hotel cleaning

Even if your hotel is, as they say, clean as a whistle, there is always room for improvement (no pun intended). As a hotel owner or manager, you probably already understand that logic since your business is in the hospitality industry! Either way, the pandemic has raised the bar on what clean means and looks like over the past year and a half, especially for hotel cleaning.

Almost all hotels adhere to the same federal, state, and municipal guidelines when it comes to sanitation and maintenance. What makes a hotel standout is the measures that are taken that go beyond the bare minimum. Wherever you and your hotel fall on the scale, here are three ways to improve the cleanliness of your hotel:

Start With Clean Air

Since the beginning of last year, fresh, clean air has become more significant than just that. Air quality entered the realm of health, even though it always was. The air quality in your hotel and its rooms starts with a well-functioning, regularly serviced HVAC system. This also means clean vents and clean vent covers, both of which should be included in daily and weekly janitorial efforts.

Apart from this, a useful tip for hotel cleaning is, before cleaning rooms, to open all windows and doors, and run the air. Access to fresh air and its circulation by and through your HVAC system will not only move and filter out the prior inhabitants air, but also help remove the smell of cleaning chemicals and solutions used during the process. Sub-tip: place an air freshener in the room when cleaning is finished. Your guests will associate a great scent with a clean room!

Regularly Scheduled Deep Cleaning

Whether or not you perform quality daily cleaning, your hotel will need regular deep cleanings. This is not only to ensure customer satisfaction by providing clean accommodations, but also to reduce the risk of exposure to any and all contaminants. Doing so requires the right equipment and the right methods. Either invest in a steam carpet cleaner, the latest laundry machines, and the latest disinfecting technology, or hire an expert third-party to handle the tasks for you. Don’t spare your budget for deep cleaning! We recommend scheduling it a little more frequently than you’d think.

Do Things in a Specific Order

The best cleaning methods at the most ideal frequencies may not necessarily ensure your hotel is as clean as it should be. Each hotel area, space, or room requires a different order for maintenance. The most important, perhaps, are the rooms. Check out this useful step-by-step guide to cleaning hotel rooms to get a better idea!

Advice from Officials & Professionals

A fourth tip? Follow the experts. The CDC has generated a lot of very useful guidelines in the last year, like this one. So has the American Hotel & Lodging Association, with their COVID-19 response guide. Check them out!

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