Green Workplace: How You Can Make An Impact

By Cappstone Inc. |
Hand Holding Green Leaf

Taking your workplace green has many benefits for you, your business, your employees, and the environment, so it’s no secret why “going green” has become a growing trend over the past several years. Whether your business has any one or more of the following workplaces, including an office, a warehouse, or a facility that combines both and includes additional work spaces, there is no shortage of opportunities to go green.

You may wonder what you can do for your workplace to have a greener impact, and it may help to know that having the curiosity to read about it is a great place to start! Here’s how your workplace can have a “greener” impact on the environment, and how your business will benefit as a result of such efforts:

Switch to Energy Efficient Tech

One easy way to reduce your business’s impact on the environment is to create a workplace that uses less energy. The first and perhaps most popular way to do so is to switch to energy efficient light bulbs. By doing so, your workplace will use less electricity to remain lit, and in addition to the obvious environmental benefits, you’ll save money on utilities! Additionally, if it’s time to update your computers, laptops, and screens, consider upgrading to tech that is ENERGY STAR Certified – this will add to your greener impact and savings on utilities.

Clean With Non-Toxic Products

Traditional cleaning products include chemicals that are both harmful to your employees, and pollute and contaminate the environment after disposal. Some even include chemicals that come from our precious, limited supplies of natural resources!

Go green and switch to non-toxic cleaning products. You’ll reduce the potential hazard to your employees and guarantee that your workplace’s upkeep won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Unplug at Night & On Weekends

Whether you have and use energy efficient tech and lighting or not, a simple way to have a greener impact by using less energy, while also saving on utilities, is to unplug your unused tech during evening hours and over weekends. If your workplace is a traditional office with 25+ employees, imagine how much energy usage you can eliminate by implementing this policy! An added benefit: your expensive computers, monitors, laptops, and printers will last longer.

“Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”

In 2021, we’d like to think that, when recycling and waste reduction opportunities are made easily available and encouraged, people will choose to reduce their waste and recycle. The global environmental crisis has been regularly consuming our media to a point where it should be on everyone’s mind. The least you can do in your workplace is to ensure that it has clearly labeled recycle, waste, and compost bins.

Apart from these three R’s being the responsible thing to do for any workplace, choosing to go green and doing whatever is necessary to encourage your employees to buy into the initiative is great PR!