Winery Cleaning: Give Your Customers a Great First Impression

By Cappstone Inc. |
Winery Cleaning and Janitorial

First impressions will always make the most impact, and you never know when someone has decided what their first impression of you may be or which factor was the most impressionable. Was it your logo, online presence, or perhaps the cleanliness of your winery and tasting room? If an area of your space doesn’t present cleanly – people will notice – and as more time passes during this COVID-19 pandemic, the more observant customers are becoming more aware of their surroundings. Business owners are learning how to create a safe and clean environment so their guests can still enjoy their offerings while feeling safe. Customers are expecting businesses to implement COVID safe precautions and practices, so as you join the country in re-opening your doors remember to update yourself on cleaning techniques to give the customer a great first – and clean – impression.

Winery Cleaning: Countertops

Making sure that surfaces that are constantly being touched receive a good sterile cleaning between groups is imperative to creating a safe environment for your guests. After a group is finished tasting, you’ll want to immediately clean with soap and water followed by a sanitation product. This will give your patrons a safe place to rest and enjoy tasting your delicious wine, leaving them with a wonderful first impression as they can clearly see you care about your customers and their health in addition to producing a quality product.

Winery Cleaning: Bathrooms

There are many areas of the bathroom that your guests will notice if they clearly haven’t received the right amount of attention. For starters, the toilet bowl and/or urinal should always be spotless, along with the sink. Another thing to keep in mind, toilet paper along with paper towels should always be stocked up and easily accessible for the guests. A full bathroom cleaning should take place at least twice a day. Something that may not seem obvious, but will definitely need extra attention especially in today’s world, is the door and sink handles. These are two widely touched areas that should be cleaned often throughout the day to ensure guest safety and help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Winery Cleaning: Dusting

Keeping your entire place clear of dust will go a long way in the customer experience. Dust will not only make the air unpleasant to breathe, but it will also make itself very visible over time. Everything from the window sills and baseboards to the display case and decor should be getting dusted weekly.

Winery Cleaning: Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping

Patrons are constantly dragging in all sorts of unwanted dirt, dust, and debris into your winery, tasting room, and bathroom. Your customers may be able to see all of the dirt immediately or it may be well hidden, all depending on the type and color of flooring you have. Regardless, the floors should be swept, vacuumed, and/or mopped at the end of every business day so you can start the new day with fresh, clean floors.

Besides having a fantastic product, one of the best things you can do to leave your customer with a great first impression is to provide a clean and safe environment for them to enjoy. With keeping these cleaning tips in mind, coupled with great customer service, you’re likely to create a recurring customer and product evangelist.

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