Facility Services: Hire to Cover Your Summer Event Needs

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The fun and excitement of summer events is something to be enjoyed by everyone, especially this summer as we return to a life more akin to the normal that we knew pre-pandemic! If you’re one of the hosts or organizers of a summer event, what a shame it would be if you had to miss out on the festivities due to having other event-related responsibilities because you didn’t hire a facility services provider.

In the past, hosting a summer event of any size usually entailed hiring a services provider for one or more of the operational aspects of an event. This certainly helped, but coordinating with many different vendors and service providers still isn’t optimal. If you’re hosting a summer event, here’s why you should hire a facility services company to cover all your needs:

They’ll Handle Staffing

Staffing a summer event can be tricky. Whether corporate or private, in your backyard or at an outdoor banquet hall, for a wedding or a lavish party, a summer event will require many different types of staff. Summer event staff includes, but isn’t limited to, bartenders, servers, performers, musicians, valet, photographers, presenters and more. 

Hiring a facility services provider can be much like inquiring about an event organizer’s services, in that they will be able to find and hire all the staff that you want (and may not know you need), saving you the time and stress of doing so yourself. A facility services provider will know the most appropriate staffing for different facility and event combinations, and often already have a network of service providers to call on for staffing.

Sanitation & Disinfection Services (& Janitorial)

One of the most common and fundamental, and now one of the most important due to the pandemic, aspects of summer events from a facility services provider standpoint is maintaining a clean environment for event guests. Gone are the days where basic janitorial service providers are equipped to cover all event needs. 

Events this summer will require additional services, including those related to sanitation and even disinfection services. Indoor event facilities will require different sanitation and disinfection services than outdoor event facilities, of course. Whatever is specific to your summer event, a facility services provider will be able to source all of your janitorial, sanitation, and disinfection service needs. One less thing to worry about!

Waste Removal

Summer events offer, in most cases, more dimensions to events than winter events. This may mean that your summer event will create and require the removal of a greater quantity of waste, and even the type of waste that you can’t regularly dispose of regardless of the venue and its preexisting waste removal resources.

A facility services provider will, as with staffing and comprehensive cleaning services, be able to acquire all the waste removal services that you need to wrap up that memorable summer event!


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  • I totally agree when you said that it is important to hire services that will ensure that the place is clean and safe for guests. I guess I need to hire those services for our wedding day this coming December. It will keep the people safe from getting any illnesses that we have these days.

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