Event Support: Outsource A Commercial Cleaning Company

By Cappstone Inc. |
Event Support

Event management services – event support, for short – is a surprisingly large industry that came to be from the demanding nature of event hosting. Be it personal, professional, or another type of event, there are countless factors that contribute to a long list of needs and tasks required during an event, as well as in the pre-event buildup and post-event breakdown. 

One of those areas of needs that exists for events is cleaning. Commercial cleaning. You would think that an event support company could or would handle an event’s commercial cleaning needs, but the reality is that most event support companies outsource because they should. It’s not to say that there are more important things to do, it’s that adequate, effective cleaning can’t be performed before, during, and after an event while also attending to all other event duties. Here’s why you should outsource a commercial cleaning company:

Enable Event Success

Especially in the case of large events with lots of attendees in a large space, outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company will greatly enable event success. Overwhelming your event support team with cleaning responsibilities will hinder their ability to oversee and manage other event matters, which inevitably jeopardizes the success of an event. Also, because event support can’t only focus on cleaning, their efforts may be insufficient, leading to disruptions, distractions, and poor attendee experience, which can hinder event success.

Handle All Needs Before, During & After

The bulk of an event’s cleaning needs occur during an event, since event success and a positive experience for attendees rely on keeping the event space clean during event proceedings. That alone is often too big a task for event support, let alone pre and post-event cleaning tasks. You should outsource your event’s commercial cleaning needs because professionals have the experience, personnel, and resources to best prepare your event space, perform cleaning tasks during the event, and sufficiently clean the space after the event ends, allowing you to focus on other important event support matters.

Experience Being Invisible

Commercial cleaning companies that have event experience know that their services and personnel should in a sense be invisible. The event space, attendees, presentations, speakers, and relevant event material should be the focal point of an event, and the cleanliness thereof is the commercial cleaning company’s top priority. Performing the necessary cleaning tasks during an event should be imperceptible, or at least done in a way that doesn’t disrupt the event proceedings or distract attendees. To do so, cleaning personnel wear distinct professional uniforms, and are trained in communicating and operating in calculated ways. Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your event will ensure your cleaning needs are met with little to no disruption and distractions.


These reasons should make it clear why you should outsource your commercial cleaning needs for event support. Learning the hard way by not doing so isn’t ideal, and can be a bad mark on your reputation in event support.

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