Elevator Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Running a business comes with a lot of considerations, which can be both directly and indirectly related to the success of your mission. Although facility maintenance and upkeep may not be the most top of mind when it comes to overseeing your essential operations, it does play a significant role in the perception of prospective customers, as well as the morale, health, and wellness of you and your employees. One area that can make a big difference, though often overlooked, is your facility’s elevator.

The best thing you can do to mitigate the risks of uncleanliness in your elevators is to increase daily sanitation. Sanitizing even just the number pads several times per day is a great place to start, especially for heavily-used elevators that are used frequently and often by a high volume of people. Because of how often they’re touched, cleaner practices are the quickest way to reduce transmitting preventable contagions.

Beyond daily care, a deep cleaning should be a part of your regularly scheduled routine. It’s easy to clean the floors and have an elevator that’s fully presentable in appearance, but a deep sanitation of the walls and all touchable surfaces is an easy step to add that will make a big impact on the health and well-being of those who ride in it, especially frequent users.

Elevators may not seem like the most important areas to consider general care and cleanliness – if they’re operating correctly and present well, that can be an easy place to consider them ‘good enough’. It’s important to remember, however, that elevators are very confined spaces, used by many people in a day or week, and frequent touching of surfaces repeatedly is par for the course. For those reasons, it’s especially important to keep your elevators well-cleaned for the health and well-being of both your prospective customers, as well as your employees.


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