Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Guide

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Guide to Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

There’s no getting around the fact that the past year and a half has been a difficult and hazardous time for everyone around the globe. This new world we live in continues to present new challenges and constant change, and that means constant stress. There are many silver linings, though, especially when it comes to facility maintenance services!

Humans are resilient creatures and tend to use adversity to grow and innovate, which should be obvious by the technological boom of the 21st century. The world of facility maintenance services has benefited greatly from this fact, and exceptionally so since the pandemic began. New technologies have changed the face of disinfecting, which makes perfect sense since disinfecting became the number one way to combat the spread of COVID-19 across all surfaces public and private. Namely, the development of electrostatic spray disinfection technology has already revolutionized facility maintenance services. It’s the new bare minimum, so here’s your guide to electrostatic spray disinfection:

What It Is, Exactly

Electrostatic disinfection sprayers are devices that turn disinfectant solution into charged aerosols that are actively attracted to surfaces, which enhances coverage. For a much more detailed explanation, check out the University of Washington’s info here.

The Who, What, Where, When & Why Of It

Whether you have an in-house team dedicated to the maintenance of your facility or you outsource your needs, the “who” is simple – a professional whose job it is to disinfect. The “what” is everything, as in every surface in and possibly around your facility. The “where” is somewhat tied to the “what”, but rest assured, the technology provides the ability to disinfect hard-to-reach places from safe, accessible places. The “when” varies. The technology is effective until a surface is touched again, so why not daily or even multiple times a day? Do it as often as needed. And the “why” is, well…you should know why.

The Process

The process of electrostatic spray disinfection is pretty simple. To put it simply, follow these steps: wear the appropriate PPE, load the appropriate chemicals into your device, and apply the chemicals using your sprayer from the appropriate distance and in a specific manner. Check out this Youtube video for a visual guide!

Costs & Benefits

The only real cost to electrostatic spray disinfectants is, well, the actual cost of the technology. Because it’s so new and effective, the technology is pretty expensive. The cheapest electrostatic sprayers on the market will run you at least $1,500, with some of the more industrial devices being substantially more expensive. This makes the adoption of such technology into your facility maintenance services tricky.

The benefits are obvious, and most would say they outweigh the costs. They include an almost-guarantee of total coverage of all surfaces disinfected, the use of more than 50% less disinfecting chemicals, the speed of the disinfection process (which means time saved), and that the technology means contactless disinfecting.

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