Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Practices for a Greener Summer

By Cappstone Inc. |
Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Start With the Right Products

As sustainability continues to grow as a priority in businesses and households, the market for cleaning products has dramatically expanded, leaving you with eco-friendly options for almost any solution you need. The EPA suggests seeking products with key words like ‘natural ingredients”, “biodegradable”, and “non-toxic” as a guide for finding the more sustainable option for the type of cleaning solution you need.

Just because the products are considered eco-friendly, does not mean that the ingredients in them are any less effective. If anything, eco-friendly products are more effective because of their versatile use; there is little to no bleaching properties in the non-toxic version of your favorite solutions, which allows you to use the products on a variety of areas without ruining the integrity of the surfaces. There are plenty of aerosol alternatives and liquid solutions to help your business stay clean and the environment stay green!

Improve Water Conservation Efforts

In addition to incorporating eco-friendly cleaning supplies, you can make a positive impact through your water usage as well. The water waste/overuse in businesses not only uses up valuable water resources, but it is coming out of the business owner’s pocket. 

To start, make sure water heaters, water lines, and any outdoor irrigation systems receive regular inspections to avoid unknown leaks. You may also choose to install timers and other gauges to water outputs to monitor and limit overuse. Finally, there are many other advanced technology options that can be installed through a professional team to help you manage your water usage and create a sustainable facility. For more information on these options, check out our website and get connected with a team that can make your business and summer greener.

Energy-Saving Techniques to Save You Money

Another major step to moving your business in a sustainable direction is to prioritize energy saving techniques. The EPA found that a whopping 30% of energy “used” in commercial buildings was actually wasted! The good news is that small changes can offer big results. To start, be sure that airways and HVAC systems are clean and can run efficiently. Find alternatives to incandescent light bulbs in your office like LED lighting. Finally, make sustainability a priority in your business. When this goal stays in the forefront of your mind, sustainable options, that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, will begin to catch your attention.

If you need help transitioning your business to be a sustainable facility, chat with our professional team to see what will work for you!

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