Easy Ways to Incorporate Green Products in Your Office Space

By Cappstone Inc. |
Ways to Incorporate Green Products

Sustainability is the key word when discussing how to incorporate green products in your office space. It’s been a buzzword for the better part of the 21st century so far, which should come as no surprise as the evolution of media (especially social networking) and mobile technologies has enabled the creation of a global forum for environmental responsibility. Going green, or running a sustainable business, has been known to improve a company’s talent acquisition.

There are many other benefits that stretch across environmental impacts to business advantages stemming from the use of sustainable, green products in offices and workplaces. Most people don’t need to be sold on more than environmental responsibility in order to go green, but if you need a nudge, know that sustainable products in the office increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity, which ultimately means your business performs better and improves your bottom line. If that’s what did it for you, here are 3 ways to incorporate green products in your office space:

Smart Thermostats

Swapping out your existing thermostat with a smart one, like the Google Nest, can and will reduce your office’s use of energy to power your heating and AC. The benefit? You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Green Lighting & Electronics

It doesn’t matter how green your lights and electronics are, if you overuse them, or leave them on and running when not in use, you’re defeating the purpose. That said, one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to incorporate green products in your office space is to replace the existing, older light fixtures and bulbs with the latest energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs. Not only do they use less energy, their smart technologies can automatically dim and turn on and off. If you have room in your budget, replacing old computers, appliances, TVs, and such with newer, more energy-efficient technology will give your employees a boost and add to your overall sustainability.

Green Cleaning Products

Incorporating sustainable cleaning products into your office space is one thing that touches on both ends of the range of effects that going green has. This is because maintaining a clean and organized office space is necessary in order for your employees to feel safe, valued, and motivated, which means you’ll get the best of them. It’s  not the only thing requisite to getting the best of your employees, but lacking in this area will have a negative impact. 

Using green cleaning products is also less detrimental to the environment, both locally and globally. The pandemic definitely created an emphasis on chemical disinfectants and sanitization products, which can be harmful to many surfaces, causing quicker needs for new products and furniture which further deplete natural resources, as well as harmful to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. When shopping for green cleaning products, look for those that are biodegradable, nontoxic, and petroleum-free, and consider replacing the use of paper towels with microfiber cloths.


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