Post-Construction Cleaning: Don’t Forget These Items

By Cappstone Inc. |
Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning can be one of the most exciting or most dreaded steps in the entire construction process depending on your perspective and attitude. For now, let’s say that it is an exciting step. It should be anyway, since the end of construction is the start of a new beginning for you and whomever else is an interested party.

Depending on your agreement with the construction company or contractors, a basic cleaning service should be provided on the part of the construction company and workers upon completion of the project. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the new space will be ready to be outfitted with furniture and other design elements, and be immediately ready to be occupied and used. There should be another step in between in which more cleaning and detailing is done, and within that, here are the post-construction cleaning items that you shouldn’t forget:

Post-Construction Cleaning: Top to Bottom

The steps in construction that include the sizing, building, and installation of plywood, drywall, and other similar materials creates and spreads a lot of sawdust and other debris. When cleaning such debris, the best method is always to wipe and clean the debris from the top of each room to the bottom.

This allows for the sawdust and debris that escapes you or your cleaning crew’s materials to fall to the floor which will be cleaned last, versus cleaning your floors, walls, and other lower surfaces and then having to dust and wipe them again after moving up to your ceilings, fans, and light fixtures, and knocking dust and debris loose.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Polish Your Wood Finishes & Windows

Once everything has been wiped, dusted, and cleaned, it’s a good idea to polish your wooden surfaces with an appropriate finish. This will serve to both complete the process of cleaning and make it easier for you to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your wooden surfaces.

In regards to polishing your windows, no one likes a dirty window or mirror, and it should go without saying that your newly constructed space should start with all elements sufficiently cleaned both interior and exterior. Maintaining polished windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces is easy when included in your routine cleaning checklist.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Wet Mop & Air Dry

Vacuuming or sweeping your floors with a broom and dustpan can be very effective and satisfying when done right, but will only clean your floors of dust and debris so much. To bring home the cleaning effort, it’s wise to wet mop the floors of your newly constructed space with a surface-appropriate solution and let it air dry.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Final Wipe Down = Disinfecting

Even after everything is dusted, cleaned, and wiped down, you should go through one more time and disinfect all surfaces. While the post-construction clean up may appear to be finished (no pun intended), it doesn’t mean that you or your cleaning crew has effectively cleaned the space of viruses, germs, and bacteria.

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