Commercial Window Maintenance: 3 Questions To Ask

By Cappstone Inc. |
Commercial Window Maintenance

Commercial window maintenance is, in all honesty, not the most complex or challenging industry. Yes, it can be rather dangerous and more difficult to perform when the maintenance in question is for high-rise windows, but even then, the purpose is simple and the tools and supplies are generally the same. This doesn’t mean there aren’t important questions for you to ask commercial window maintenance providers!

Questions to ask professionals concern who is cleaning your windows, and how, when, and with what they’re being cleaned with. Quality service, years of experience, use of the best and most appropriate tools and supplies and a great price are all desirable, but there’s more to know in order to find the best fit. Here are 3 questions to ask when hiring a commercial window maintenance professional:

When Are Your Services Available?

It isn’t unusual to see commercial window washers performing their duties during the day, and even during business hours, when people are going about their workday on the inside. It’s one of those things that falls into the background, but not always. Window maintenance can be annoying, unsightly, and disruptive when performed during the day and especially during business hours. Asking a provider when their services are available will reveal which can address your needs at the most convenient times, and which can’t.

What Is The Full Scope Of Your Services?

You may not need all of the services that a commercial window maintenance provider has to offer, but asking about the full scope (or complete list) of services that it provides is telling and should be factored into which company you choose. Generally, the more services a window maintenance provider offers, the more likely they are to be able to adapt to your window maintenance needs and provide the highest quality service. Also, a wider range of services offered may suggest that a company is capable and willing to perform services that may fall outside their scope.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Asking how long a commercial window maintenance company has been in business is different than asking how many years of experience it has, what online reviews reveal, and whether or not they’re in compliance with local and state laws and insurance requirements. A commercial window maintenance company that’s been in business for a long time means many things, including the guarantee of many satisfied customers over a long period of time (which means profitability), the breadth of capability and experience in commercial window maintenance, the right insurance to mitigate risk, and regulatory confirmation of the company from years of compliance with local and state laws. Companies that haven’t been in business for long will lack in one or more of these areas.


Remember, when looking for a commercial window maintenance provider, you want to ask questions that help identify which companies have the awareness and willingness to meet your needs in the most convenient manner.

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