Commercial Carpet Maintenance

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Commercial Carpet Maintenance

You may not know this, but there are several different methods of commercial carpet maintenance. That’s probably because people usually wait until their carpets need to be cleaned, then simply hire a commercial carpet maintenance company and get the job done. How and why it’s done a certain way isn’t at the top of anyone’s mind, while the cost and quality of the job is.

Knowing the pros, cons, and differences between commercial carpet maintenance methods, such as the Gold Standard method and the Bonnet method, is very useful if you’re a smart business owner and manager, and are looking for the best quality service at the best price. If you let others tell you what you do or don’t need, you will likely pay too much for questionable quality and your carpets may even receive improper maintenance. That said, here’s a comparison the Gold Standard and Bonnet methods of commercial carpet maintenance:

The Gold Standard Method

The Gold Standard method of commercial carpet maintenance is named so because it’s the gold standard. It’s also known as the hot water extraction method, and is meant for very dirty, soiled carpets. What this process involves is the high-pressured injection of hot water and carpet-friendly detergent into carpets, which loosens dirt and lifts stains, followed by the suction of the solution, soils, and stains out of the carpet with a special machine. Afterwards, carpets usually need a few hours to dry.

Truck-mounted suction machines typically provide the most powerful injection and suction with this method, ensuring the highest quality carpet maintenance. Use of truck-mounted machines also typically reduces the amount of time needed for carpets to dry. 

The Bonnet Method

The Bonnet method is the method of choice for lightly soiled carpets. It’s a much different process that uses different tools, and is generally less labor-intensive. The Bonnet method involves the use of a rotary machine with a special pad attached to the bottom, which spins while being moved over the carpet. The rotary machine can either be used with a pre-soaked pad or dry pad. With the latter, the carpets would need to be sprayed with solution previous to maintenance. Some soil will be absorbed by the rotary pad, but the rest should be vacuumed after maintenance is finished and the carpet is dry.

Which To Choose & Why

It’s easy to figure out which method best suits your carpets’ commercial maintenance needs. Are they really dirty and worn down? The Gold Standard method is likely right for you. Not so dirty and soiled? Go with the Bonnet method. Choose the latter sparingly, though, because the agitation from the rotary machine and increased chemical load to your carpets will shorten their lifespan. 


Regular commercial maintenance is necessary for long-lasting, beautiful carpets. Knowing which methods of maintenance your carpets need is what will help you budget for and hire the right commercial carpet maintenance provider!

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