Clean Your Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Walls

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Clean Your Greasy Restaurant Kitchen

Only in very rare circumstances do restaurant kitchen walls avoid exposure to, and the buildup of, grease. So rare, in fact, that it’s hard to come up with an example of a restaurant that works with a type of cuisine that doesn’t use frying oil and extreme levels of heat. Greasy kitchen walls are synonymous with restaurants – that’s basically a given.

There are certain elements of cleaning grease that are universal – things you need, or need to do, to effectively clean grease off of any surface. Cleaning greasy kitchen walls may differ from the norm, presenting unique difficulties and needing a more tailored process to achieve the goal. Assuming you’re in the restaurant business and your restaurant’s kitchen walls are greasy, here’s how to clean them:

Remove Excess/Loose Oil First

The first step in cleaning your greasy restaurant kitchen walls is to dry-wipe loose oil and the more fluid areas of grease. Taking this layer of excess, easy-to-remove grease off of your walls will make it easier to clean the tougher layers of grease below.

Attack The 2nd Layer With A Warm Wet Rag

Beyond the lightest layer of oil stains and grease, simply wiping your restaurant kitchen walls with paper towels or a dry rag will not only fail to clean the grease off, it may rub deeper, more stubborn layers into your walls. The second measure you should take is to wipe your walls with a warm, wet rag. This should do well to remove the second layer of grease.

Baking Soda The Next Layer

This intermediate grease-cleaning method is more of a DIY step. Mixing baking soda with warm water, and perhaps even a little vinegar, is a great way to clean oil stains and grease off of restaurant kitchen walls. It goes further than the previous two steps, but doesn’t pack quite the punch that the next step does.

Apply Degreaser & Scrub Away The Rest

The heaviest-duty method for cleaning grease – one that is not available to cleaning grease off of just any surface due to the risk of damaging or contaminating some surface materials – is industrial degreasing solution. For the most worn-in, stubborn oil stains and grease buildup, apply industrial degreaser solution diluted to levels appropriate to your kitchen wall’s surface material (hopefully tile), let it soak in, and scrub it away. Perform the step as many times as is necessary to remove all the grease.

Rinse & Dry

Whether or not your restaurant kitchen walls needed all four of the steps above, always remember to rinse and dry your walls after completing the steps. It’s best to rinse with warm water and squeegee the cleaned and rinsed surfaces, allowing the walls to air dry the rest of the way.


This guide should help you effectively clean your greasy restaurant kitchen walls. In the event you need more information or the help of experts, check out our website or give us a call today!

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