Carpet Maintenance: 5 Most Effective Tips

By Cappstone Inc. |
Carpet Maintenance

Carpets are such a bittersweet flooring type. They can be soft, look brilliant and luxurious, and be a flooring choice that keeps your feet warm compared to other alternatives. Carpeting also succumbs to wear and tear, staining, and is relatively less durable than other types of flooring. Given its pros and cons, carpeting is still a popular flooring type and will remain so. Not all carpet maintenance information out there is accurate, however. Nor is it the most useful to any carpet owner, no matter the type, size, and location of their carpeting. If some or all of your floors feature carpeting, or you’re thinking about reflooring with carpet, it’s a good idea to be informed on some of the more valid and relevant maintenance tips, which brings us to our point: here are the 5 most effective carpet maintenance tips:

High Traffic Protection

No matter how much you vacuum, spot-clean, or schedule professional carpet cleaning, your carpets’ high traffic areas will deteriorate quicker and to a greater degree than the low traffic areas. Using runners and mats in high traffic areas will help protect and maintain your carpeting.

Immediate Care

Spot-cleaning is an important carpet maintenance tip. Certain things, like wine spills, need to be addressed and cleaned immediately if you want to maintain the appearance and longevity of your carpets.


Regularly vacuuming your carpeting is one of the most important maintenance tips, and always will be. Even if your carpets are sealed off in a room that no one ever enters or uses, it will still collect dust. Usually, though, carpets are exposed to many different types of contaminants, like dirt, dust, moisture, and potentially grease, staining liquids, and more. What soils and rests on top of your carpeting should be vacuumed and removed daily, or it may cause damage.

Respectful Use

The best tip to clean your carpeting is to reduce or prevent the need to clean your carpets. Shoes are not only more abrasive to carpets, they trek dirt, debris, and other damaging contaminants from outside in, onto your precious carpet floors. The best way to maintain your carpeting is to respectfully ask your guests, customers, clients, employees, and/or patrons to remove their shoes upon entry.

Professional Care 

There’s a scenario where you can routinely deep clean your carpeting using the same tools and solutions that professional carpet cleaners use. What this entails, usually, is first clearing carpets of all debris, like dirt, garbage, dust, and other topical contaminants, which is essentially using a high-powered vacuum. Next is using a carpet steam cleaner, which is the use of a vacuum-looking carpet cleaning machine that cleans deep into the carpet fibers with the appropriate fiber-cleansing solutions. It seems pretty simple, right? It is, only the right equipment, solutions, and labor are required for each different cleaning job, so the tip we’re suggesting is that you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

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