Building Maintenance Tips for Spring & Summer

By Cappstone Inc. |
Building Maintenance and Janitorial

April showers bring May flowers, and spring means spring cleaning. This is an important time of year for homes and businesses, and really is more than just a cliché. The winter means harsh weather, contamination through rain and mud, and all around creates a dirtier environment that can find its way into your facility with ease. Spring is the perfect time to sweep the grime away, and refresh your facility for the livelier, warmer months. Every business has different needs, but a lot of buildings will benefit from a similar maintenance schedule. Here are some great tips to get your building back into its best condition just in time for spring and summer.

Building Maintenance: Start with a walkthrough
Taking the time to create a full inventory of all problems, or anticipated problems, can save you a lot of time, headaches, and money further down the road. To do this, go around the exterior and through the interior of your building and make as comprehensive of a list as possible. With fresh eyes, account for every problem or potential problem and create an itemized list of each issue. Not all of them will need immediate attention, but having the awareness will help you triage and keep an eye on things before they spiral into larger issues.

Building Maintenance: Clean floors
No matter what type of floors your building features, or if it’s a combination – hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate – they all need special care. Routine cleaning isn’t negotiable for ensuring your floors always look clean and professional, but consistently scheduled deep cleans are also incredibly important. Carpets should be shampooed, wood floors may need to be refinished – it all depends on their condition and age. No matter the case, winter is rough on floors, so now is the best time to revitalize yours to keep your building looking it’s very best – from top to bottom.

Building Maintenance: Technical inspections
Any pieces of technical equipment could probably use a quick evaluation to make sure they’re working as well as possible. In particular, your air conditioning unit has likely been sitting unused since the previous fall. Giving it a quick checkup, along with cleaning any filters and the coil, will not only increase its lifespan, but also improve its operating efficiency (saving you money), and positively impact the quality of the air in your building. It’s also a great time to clean and inspect other large pieces of equipment that may end up being ignored, such as refrigerators and freezers, or any industry-specific tools you may have.

Building Maintenance: Wash windows
Now that the rainy season is winding to a close, it’s time to do that thorough window washing that probably didn’t make sense while the weather was still inclement. Your windows are one of the first impressions that consumers, business partners, and potential investors will have of your facility. For that reason, make sure they are a reflection of your work ethic and your dedication to your products or services. Well cared for windows on a well cared for building can go a long way.

Building Maintenance: Prevent pest problems
The changing of the seasons usually comes with a change in populations of bugs and rodents. Consider preventably accounting for pests by spraying the exterior perimeter of your property with the appropriate repellents to keep them from calling your facility “home”. This will depend on where you’re located and what type of building and surrounding landscaping you have, but getting ahead of those problems can save a significant amount of time, stress, and money in the future.

Your facility has different needs year round, so stay on top of your game each season by keeping an organized task list that comprehensively tackles all issues, big and small, to keep your space looking its very best.