Bird Abatement: Why It’s Important for Your Facility

By Cappstone Inc. |
Bird Abatement

You don’t need to have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds movie to understand that birds can have a potentially negative effect on society. It’s a horror film anyway, so that movie imagines birds at their worst, and is way past touching on the implications of birds and bird activity on your facility, and through your facility, on your business. In short, bird abatement is important for your facility.

Depending on where your facility is located and the time of year, your facility may be exposed to any number of different types of birds. Especially if your facility is large and possibly off the beaten path of foot traffic – the type of facility birds flock to – then chances are you’ve thought about bird abatement. If you’ve thought about it but haven’t pulled the trigger, read on. Here’s why bird abatement is important for your facility:

Risks to Employee Health

Birds are carriers of a lot of dangerous and communicable diseases, such as the Avian flu, or bird flu. Humans can contract many such diseases just by touching birds, and exposure to birds, their droppings, and the hodgepodge that birds touch or nest in also carries the risk of exposure. Bird abatement is important for your facility first and foremost for the safety of your staff and any facility visitors.

Safety First

Birds are…birds. They fly, therefore their nests and resting spots are often in hard-to-reach places. Attempting to reach those places to address your bird problem can be dangerous. Bird abatement services have the appropriate tools, equipment, and training to do it for you so that you don’t have to risk your safety.

Saving on Repair & Maintenance Costs

Over time, the wear and tear that birds have on any facility may leave it vulnerable, causing you to spend more on additional maintenance and, in the event of damage, repairs. 


Time spent cleaning up after birds is time lost on performing business-related tasks – unproductive. It’s that simple.

Compliance & Potential Fines

Local health and fire departments require different types and levels of compliance for different facilities, and will definitely issue fines to facilities that aren’t in compliance with health and safety codes. Bird abatement will help address any issues and keep your facility in compliance.

Other Liabilities

Apart from the health risks that actual birds and their droppings present, there are other potential liabilities that bird abatement addresses. A damaged facility may be prone to danger, causing accidents with employees and/or visitors. Also, bird droppings are slippery, and when not cleaned up can cause serious injuries should anyone slip and fall.

Impressions Matter

Any animal’s droppings are considered disgusting, birds included. A facility overrun by birds will have birds everywhere making all sorts of noises, and their unsightly nests stuffed all over. If this doesn’t already annoy visitors and passers-by, seeing and possibly stepping on bird droppings will definitely bother people and leave them with a bad impression of your business.