Benefits of Bulk Item Recycling

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bulk item recycling

If you’re like anyone who cares about the environment and is a responsible human being, then you probably do your part in recycling by sorting waste from recyclables and disposing of them in the correct bins. As a business owner or manager, though, from time to time there’s a good chance that you’ve had to figure out how to recycle items that are too large to fit in conventional waste containers. Those items are considered bulk items, and they, too, should be recycled.

Bulky items can be anything from sofas, carpeting, tables, and chairs, and are either reusable or recyclable, making dumping them not suitable. You should know that recycling bulk items reduces the amount of wood and/or timber being sent to landfills, and reduces the need for new timber to be produced. That right there is a good enough reason to recycle. Here are some other benefits of bulk item recycling:

Environmental Benefits

As we mentioned, many bulk items that are dumped but should be recycled are at least partially (and often completely) made of wood, which comes from timber, the production of which is harmful to our environment. Recycling bulk items not only reduces the demand for timber, it also provides a source for energy, through the burning of recycled bulk, and raw materials, through the shredding of recyclables into wood chips. Either way, it keeps your bulk items out of landfills, which is always beneficial for the environment.

Economic Benefits

One of the primary (albeit smaller) benefits of bulk item recycling has to do with how you choose to recycle. Instead of dumping your bulk items, consider whether or not you can sell them. This way, not only do you do your part in preserving our environment, you also see a small financial return, which these days everyone can use.

Another economic benefit is what bulk item recycling ultimately does for the economy, which is that it helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the U.S. Don’t blindly listen to us, take it from the EPA, or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency!

Charitable Benefits

The role of charity and charitable organizations in bulk item recycling shouldn’t be understated. One way to recycle bulk items is by donating them to a charitable organization. If you have one or more bulk items you’re looking to get rid of, there’s a good chance that a local church, community center, school, thrift store, or nonprofit organization can take those bulk items off your hands.

Typically, these organizations either have local drop-off centers or offer bulk item recycling pickup services. The reason being that they either sell what you’re looking to recycle and put the proceeds towards charity or education, or refurbish your items and distribute them to those in need. An added bonus? In some cases, your donations can have tax benefits for you and your business.


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