Commercial Pressure Wash: Are You Seeing These Signs?

By Cappstone Inc. |
Commercial Pressure Wash

Any business owner or manager knows and will tell you that appearances matter, and it’s no different for a business’s commercial space or office exterior. From the outside, a dirty or stained appearance will not reflect well on you and your employees, and may affect your business.

From the roof to the windows, the siding, the brickwork, and more, there are many signs that suggest you may need a commercial pressure wash for the exterior of your business or office. If you see any or all of the following signs outside of your business, it may be that time:

Commercial Pressure Wash: Discolored, Dirty Siding & Bricks

Inclement weather and the buildup of dirt and other residue on your siding and brickwork occurs naturally year round. Over the course of a few years, this buildup may permanently damage your siding and corrode its bricks. If your siding and brickwork are dirty and discolored, and you aren’t able to effectively clean it by scrubbing and hosing the affected areas down, then this is a sign that you need to pressure wash your siding and bricks.

At times, the dirt and discoloration is so stubborn that special chemicals may need to be used in the pressure washer solution.

Commercial Pressure Wash: Same Goes For Your Roof!

Year round, your roof is exposed to the same things that your siding and brickwork are, and more. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, and heavy winds will corrode and contaminate your roof over time.

You may not see it from the street, so if you’ve neglected for a year or two to get up there and take a look, it may be a sign that you should hire a professional and potentially let your roof in on the pressure washing.

Commercial Pressure Wash: Webbed Windows & Nested Gutters

Unless you operate a pet store, you may not like the idea of your business being home to various animals, but nature’s visitors can be unavoidable. So long as the rodents and critters that inhabit your ecosystem stay outside and don’t damage your most valuable assets, this shouldn’t be a worry.

But if you look out your windows and see spider webs, and see squirrels and chipmunks getting comfortable in your gutters and window sills, then guess what? It’s time to pressure wash your windows and gutters.

Commercial Pressure Wash: Mold & Mildew

If you see mold and mildew anywhere on the outside of your business, then take it from us that this is 100% a sign that you need to pressure wash your business’s exterior. Apart from the potentially severe consequences to your and your family’s health, such as respiratory complications and irritation to eyes and skin, mold and mildew can cause serious structural damage to your business when left unchecked over time.

If you happen on mold or mildew, contact a professional pressure washer right away!