3 Sustainable Facility Maintenance Practices

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Sustainable Facility Maintenance

Wondering how you can bring a sustainable change to your business’ facility maintenance? Keep reading to find out. 

As time progresses, various industries are opting for more sustainable ways of operation. And this growing attention towards going green is no longer a result of trends but rather a real concern. More than 90 percent of CEOs realize the urgent need to use sustainable resources to stop climate change. 

Not only this but switching to sustainable alternatives is also slowly becoming a huge determining factor for long-term success. So using sustainable practices will not only save the planet but also ensure that your brand experiences growth and success at the same time. 

Continue reading to learn about 3 of the best sustainable facility practice. 

Sustainable Practices for Facility Maintenance

It is a good idea to reflect your brand’s environmentally friendly journey through its facility maintenance practices. Here is how you can do so. 

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Every industry uses equipment that runs from energy. This equipment plays an essential role in the overall efficiency of a business. This is why switching to energy-efficient equipment is the first step to starting your brand’s sustainable journey. 

Today, it is not a challenge to find energy-efficient models for commercial equipment. From necessities like fax machines to HVAC systems, you can find a sustainable alternative for almost every tool your business uses. Not to mention, these items are becoming more and more affordable as sustainable businesses become more common.

So, make sure you go for a sustainable model each time you need to replace an important asset. Let’s not forget that energy efficiency will also save you lots of cash. 

Passive Solar Heating

Heating is crucial for most industries, so opting for passive solar heating makes for a great sustainable facility maintenance solution. This practice involves trapping, storing, and retaining solar energy- heat and light from the sun that you can convert into electrical and thermal energy. 

The built environment of your facility is responsible for trapping heat that daylight brings through the windows. However, you may need to remodel your store, etc., to capitalize on passive solar heating. But another good way of saving some dollars is to install special tile floors or brick walls for retaining heat.

Don’t forget to take advantage of south-facing windows if your facility has any. 

Preventive Maintenance

You may already be aware of the plethora of benefits that preventive facility maintenance can bring to your business. So, remember to keep track of all the assets being used by all locations your brand is located. It is ideal to set up and strictly follow proactive and preplanned maintenance. 

Sure, this is a great way of saving money in case of emergencies when you might need to make repairs. But preventive facility maintenance will also ensure that your necessary equipment consumes minimal resources and energy. And not to worry, they will still run at full capacity. 

Don’t forget that the goal is to use the assets for their complete lifespan. This will ensure no tragic and unnecessary waste. 







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