3 Exterior Window Cleaning Tips for High Rise Buildings

By Cappstone Inc. |
Exterior Window Cleaning

In the adrenaline-filled world of high rise window maintenance, not all cleaning is the same. Sure, there exists an industry standard for cleaning high rise windows. In other words, there’s a basic guideline for safe and effective high rise window cleaning guide from which high rise window maintenance associates around the world draw from, both from the standpoint of legal requirement and because there are universal methods of this specific conduct.

What differs in the methods, protocols, supplies, and schedules of high rise window maintenance service providers depends on a few different things. These include the geographic location of the high rise, the season, the climate, the weather, and the other unique circumstances that dictate how, when, and what needs to be cleaned off any high rise’s windows. No matter what, though, there are certain emerging technologies, tricks, and unconventional methods that help get the job done better. Here are 3 exterior window cleaning tips for high rise buildings you should know:

DIY Hacks

In the event you find the need to clean one or more exterior windows of your high rise space, and either don’t have an existing service provider or can’t wait for said provider’s scheduled service, there is a way you can clean your exterior window(s). The catch is that you need access to a window that opens.

The trick is to use a magnetic window cleaner. By simply installing a magnet-controlled cleaning device on the surface of your exterior high rise window (via a window that partially opens), you can use magnetic technology to drag the device wherever you can reach on the interior, and clean your window!

Professional Hacks

As far as professional exterior high rise window cleaning and maintenance goes, it’s such a niche industry that it’s best to refer to the knowledge, experience, and advice of experts. By this, we mean that a whole other blog could be written to detail the things you should know! In lieu of that, check out this article to read up on information and hacks the professionals use.

New Technology

It should go without saying that exterior high rise windows are hard to reach, and therefore hard to clean. Obviously, the process is dangerous, with maintenance workers harnessing themselves and their roof-mounted suspension gear at freakish heights above the ground. Maybe that’s why these workers often earn more than $100 thousand a year in major metropolitan areas.

It was just a matter of time before innovative technologies – namely, robots – were designed and adapted to the needs of high rise exterior maintenance. While the technology isn’t completely new, it’s far from the level of intelligence and ability necessary to clean high rise exterior windows as effectively, quickly, and consistently as humans do. The benefit? No one’s life is at risk. The cost? Well, the cost. Such high rise exterior window cleaning technology is very, very expensive.

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